Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Superior Hiking Trail - Dayhike to Bean and Bear Lakes

Having put in my forty hours of I was able to leave work at 11:30 on a beautiful, sunny Friday. I went home, put together my pack with the ten essentials, jumped in my Subaru, stopped at my girlfriend's house to pick up Maya dog and headed up the North Shore to Silver Bay, MN and the Superior Hiking Trail. Below you can watch a video blog I produced of the hike. Also feel free to peruse a photo gallery of some of the sights Maya and I saw.

While hiking I kept my camera handy and put together a short video blog for your enjoyment.


  1. Very nice. Actually reminds me of that film "Alone in the Wilderness" that I posted a couple weeks ago. The same self-shooting photography, narrative style, musical interludes, etc. Thanks for bringing me along on the ride, it looks like it was a great hike.

  2. Great stuff..Can't wait to get back on the trail again...Steve in St.Cloud,,,You Rock Sam..I still can't believe your Pacific Trail last year..You give us inspiration,