Friday, April 10, 2009

Summit Cheeseburger - Drinking Horse Mtn; Bozeman, MT

Drinking Horse Mountain - View from the Car

Drinking Horse Mountain - View from the road

Drinking Horse Mountain - 93 Subaru Legacy at trailhead

Drinking Horse Mountain - Info Kiosk

Drinking Horse Mountain - Sam Self Portrait atop Summit

Drinking Horse Mountain - A rudimentary shelter

Drinking Horse Mountain - View of Bozeman

First I drove from my house in Bozeman, Montana to the Drinking Horse Mountain trailhead. It is located on Bridger Canyon road.

On the way to the trailhead I took some pictures of Drinking Horse Mountain. It is about 629 feet tall.

I parked my 1993 Subaru Legacy in the roadside parking lot. As you can see, my car is almost as tall as the mountain.

Like any good city trail there is a nice informational kiosk with a map and some little handouts. I stopped and took a picture for you to see.

Suddenly I was at the top of Drinking Horse Mountain consuming a double cheeseburger. I kept the cheeseburger wrapped in a knitted hat inside a stuff sack while I hiked. It was warm and delicious.

Near the summit of Drinking Horse Mountain someone has constructed a nifty fort out of dead tree branches. It was neat.

The proper summit of Drinking Horse Mountain doesn't provide too amazing of views, but slightly to the North a quality view of Bozeman is there for all to see.

I made a thirty-five second video of the hike to the summit.


  1. I enjoyed the video Samh. Short and good to watch.

  2. Thanks, Martin. I personally feel that hiking videos shouldn't be a whole lot longer than one minute for every hundred miles of hiking.